From time to time certain programs that the school wishes to undertake will require immediate attention and will desperately need our help if they are to be successful and meet the expectations of students, parents, staff and alumni. Our mission is to rise to the occasion and provide that support so the objective of making Ballard High School the best possible learning facility in the State can be achieved. The stadium project is the one such program that we want to bring to your attention.

Stadium info: The push to build a new stadium has been approved and demolishing the old stadium has already begun! Below are pictures to give you an idea as to what is being looked at and also how you can help through a donation or purchasing of a brick (more detailed info at Alumni night Jan 24th). Our Association is attempting to raise money to add extra amenities (most notably the turf) on top of what JCPS has agreed to fund for our new stadium. We have generous pledges committed and we hope to accomplish the rest of our funding goal through a brick sale. Check out more coverage of the stadium project by WDRB!

Brick Sale: A personalized brick walkway at the entrance of the stadium will be created and as well as an additional area around the courtyard on campus.

The bricks can be purchased for $150 if graduation was after 2002 or $250 if before 2002 with discounts if multiple bricks are purchased. Funds used to purchase bricks will be used for the Stadium and/or Academic projects in the school.

Preview of the future Ballard High School Stadium

More information on the brick sale and the alumni association will be shared at our first alumni event! Sign up to join the Ballard Alumni Association here.